Over the Bar

Our very own @cirufc rugby podcast “OVER THE BAR” is here…

@brettsmith1982 known to players and referees across the county for his vocal talents, is finally putting them to good use, interviewing some of the most interesting characters involved in grass roots rugby!

Players, Coaches & Volunteers past and present, not only from our club but other clubs across the county!

Rugby at our level is full of great people and great stories. Here we will be giving people a platform to ensure these stories are shared and not lost.

Smith, as well as supplying the beer, brings his own unique sense of honesty and wit to the interviews.

So please join us for “OVER THE BAR” by subscribing to our YouTube channel


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Episode #4 - Mark 'Sharky' Harris & Gareth 'Gar' Nicholas
Episode #3 - Jason 'JC' Carter & Tony 'Bacon' Matthews
Episode #2 - Gary 'Geezer' Desmond
Episode #1 - Dave 'Daffyd' Gillespie